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Who said what about Ola's first single / album

Chris Wells / Echoes
You'd Better Believe, his well regarded first single, seems a very long time ago now, but it virtually kicks off the album (after a short, a cappella sharpener) as a still soulful, brassy, slightly ruffled shuffler.

Ismo Tenkanen / Soul Express
The real killer cuts, however, come in the form of two phenomenal uptempo soul movers, one funky jam and two blinding ballad tunes. You'd Better Believe would be an anthemic soul track almost because of its uplifting lyrical content alone, and add to that the impressive intro, the ingenious bridge verse, the irrestistibly catchy chorus melody line, the wonderful arrangement with swinging horns and a sax solo, plus some magnificent vocalising by Ola!

Bob Jones / Muzik
Now here's a diamond which has surfaced from the UK soul scene. "More Soul..." with a capital S. // There's so much emotion and feeling that they don't sound like the same old ideas. Hold on to them as strongly as to life itself.

Collin Bigger / Soul Trader
The lyrics are so catchy they go straight from speaker to your brain - this is pure quality soul with a slight drum'n bass edge ... a track with summer written all over it. This is one of those tunes that you will still be pullin out of your box in years to come, because it's timeless.

Ralph Tee / Record Mirror
You'd Better Believe showcases an incredibly expressive soulful vocal talent on an uplifting shuffle beat - a contemporary equivalent of the kind of thing McFadden & Whitehead gave us with `Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now' in the seventies. Excellent.

The Edge / Blac Magazine
Possibly the finest independent soul release of the year, this self financed five-tracker (12" single) is a gem awaiting recognition. The title track You'd Better Believe is real soul music which brims over with positive energy and well delivered inspirational lyrics.

Bigger / Blues & Soul
Kicking off with one of my all-time favourite soul toons, You'd Better Believe is a pretty brave decision (and a hard act to follow) but this cut has just about everything you'd ever want in a soul recording: powerful and emotive vocals, deep and meaningful lyrics and a lovely, bright summery feel good factor type backing. Love it to death... and beyond!
// In essence, and album of real soul classy soul which, in all probability, means limited sales in the UK, but if like me, you have more soul than sense, you'll rush out and buy this album now!

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