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FREDDIE JACKSON Live in Concert (US Orpheus CD 130 MK)
Now you already knew that Freddie Jackson can sing. But anyone who hasn't experienced him live in concert, won't probably imagine what kind of a interpreter he really is when he truly lets loose, like on the PRIME track of this gorgeous live CD, What Is It Good for? Well, if you really can imagine Freddie in a swaying live backing coloured by a jazzy piano riffing, over which Freddie improvises nearly 10 minutes of ultimate soul preaching, then you have a slight hint of what this album is going to offer.
However, if you had thought that Freddie is a bit formula-ic, Peabo Bryson-type of neat but rather predictable love song interpreter, some of the songs featured here will definitely amaze you. Or could you really imagine hearing Freddie singing verses like this:
"What is good for - if I can't have you? / What is it good for, what is it good for, what is it good for / No, no, no-oo-oo / I wanna know, would you tell me, what would I do without you, where would I go without you, I'd be a half of a man, half of a man without you, yeah, yeaah, yeaah, yeaah, yeea-aah (for 10 seconds)... /
Tell me - oooooh shhh-hush! - what is life without you is ain't good for DAAAMN THANG! If I don't have you when I'll walk in the house in the middle of the night - and you're not there - you're no-nooot there! - Somebody tell me, where would Freddie be without your love? / Where would I go, what would I do, what would I ----oh Lord , what would I do - oooowwh! "

Other tracks featured in this live CD include Don't Want to Lose Your Love, Love Me Down, Rock Me Tonite, Have You Ever Loved Somebody and Only Man in Heaven. In the liner notes, the producers and label-owners Charles & Beau Huggins state: "Congratulations on an incredible job well done - your first live album. It has been a long voyage to this point and there is much to be proud of . Thanks for sharing your God given talent with the world.
No one does it better".
For anyone who has ever enjoyed Freddie Jackson's studio albums, willl agree. This album is more than essential than any of Freddie's studio albums. Sit and enjoy - you'll have a real treat! **** 1/2

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